breathtaking. rousing. energetic.

greenbeats provide a sophisticated musical performance with humorous choreographis and surprising effects.

Unique Instruments, extraordinary drum racks and a performance full of energy guarantes a breathtaking show.

With over 500 mostly sold out shows, greenbeats is one of the most demanded percussion ensembles in europe.

„A powerful, emotional and spirited show“
Felix Quebbmann (Westfalen Blatt)
„Athletic jumps, flying splices, perfect accuracy“
Elvira Meisel-Kemper (Münsterland Zeitung)
„Irresistable rhythms lived the place up“
Thomas Reinecke (Lippische Zeitung)
„A drum-hurricane through the sold out venue“
Dr. Marie-Louise Braun (NOZ)
„Drumming and show are perfectly matched“
Heinz Kronberger (Drums & Percussion Magazine)
„A wave of positive energy“
Ulf Stricker (Drummer)
greenbeats was founded in 2007 by Timm Pieper, a well-known professional composer and arranger for percussion and marching bands in Europe, as well as highly demanded music instructor. 

It all startet as a music school ensemble for young, talented musicians and has now, over a period of more than thirteen years, developed into an extraordinary group of experienced and passionate artists, united in a remarkable live drumshow.

Their „an evening with“ concerts are usually sold-out within hours.

Notable appearances in the past have been for example the European tour with Swiss superstar ‘DJ Bobo’ (2017) with a total audience of 260.000 people, a collaboration with the ‘Symphonieorchester Osnabrück’ (2014) playing additional percussion arrangements to classical masterpieces, appearances in famous German TV shows ‘ZDF Fernsehgarten’ (2018, 20% viewing rate) and ‘Carmen Nebel’ (2018, 12% vq) or at the 40th anniversary of the Federal Environment Office (2014).

500+ concerts have formed an impressive and remarkable ensemble.


greenbeats is a professional and extraordinary percussion ensemble from Germany.

Its emphasis on entertaining and refreshing live shows is based on a variety of innovative concepts and ideas, combined in an refreshing combination of marching and concert percussion elements, astounding visual effects, vivid stage action and individual and prodigious instruments, never seen on stage before and needing improved artistic skills to be played.

Especially their invention of ‘drum octagons’ (eight single drums arranged in the shape of an octagon that must be played even overhead and to the side) is just one highlight and gained viral, worldwide interest on social media platforms with more than 15.000.000 views.

And what makes it even more special: all instruments are completely self made, perfectly matching the needs of each single show that can contain more than 100 different drums, from ‘loud and big’ to ‘softly, melodic and small’, bridging the gap between power and delicateness.

Since 2020 some drums even have pyrotechnics for an undoubtedly unique and memorable live experience.






„I promise a one-of-a-kind show!“
Timm Pieper, founder and head of greenbeats